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 Hacking FB Accs?

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PostSubject: Hacking FB Accs?   Sat Jul 17, 2010 6:50 pm

I thought i'd put this in the beginners forum because it's something you see everyday and it's a really simple method I use all the time. It doesn't require downloading at all, at the most just a little socializing.

Step one - Getting the Email Address
If the person hasn't posted it in their info tab, the second easiest way is to socialize a little bit.
learn about that in another tut.
You can login using the persons personal username located in their URL IF they have set one.
if that doesnt work, go here


Step two - Getting the Password
Now that you have the email, you have to get the password. this isnt so easy to get all the time. You need to do a little extra socializing with the person to get the info you need for this.

Lets say they have hotmail.
go to hotmail and click "forgot password" enter the email address you now have. theyre probably going to ask you for a birthdate and maybe some security questions.
this is the information you need to figure out.

Most people when they create their email account, even if it's for business and they use it often, dont remember setting the answer and question.
its probably something like mother's maiden name, or name of pet.
just ask these questions, in a smart way.
theres really low chance you actually get this to work, as people tend to not put truthful information in these fields thus making it impossible to simply ask for the answers to them.

but after trying it enough times with enough people it will work for someone.
once you have reset the email address password, all you have to do is go to face book and click forgot password, have the password sent to the email address, and bam.
this will work for any website pretty much that offers you to have your password sent to your email. and it doesnt reaquire injecting any keyloggers, or sniffing.

(May Take Some Time!)
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Hacking FB Accs?
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