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 Jur13n ~ Msn Hacks

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PostSubject: Jur13n ~ Msn Hacks   Thu Jul 15, 2010 8:49 pm

Welcome To Jur13ns Msn hack Thread

All credits go to their respectfull owners!


Brians Bot V3 Platinum ~ The best msn bot!

Info: the bots has 72 commands
owner features
.ADDOWNER [Email] add bot owner
.ADDADMIN [Email] add bot admin
.REMOWNER [Email] remove owner
.REMADMIN [Email] remove admin
.REMALLSLOTS removes all slots
.SETNAME [Name] sets bot name
.SETPM [Name] sets bot second name
.SETSTATUS [Status] set bots status
.ENABLEFREEZE enables freeze
.DISABLEFREEZE disable freeze
.ENABLEMASSADD enable massadd
.DISABLEMASSADD disables massadd
.BAN [Email] bans a email for use of the bot
.UNBAN [Email] unbans email
.WELCOMEMSG [Message] set a new welcom message
.KILLBOT kills the bot
.DOWNLOAD [Url] [Filename] download the file from the url/filename
.OPENURL [Url] opens url
.PCSHUTDOWN [Seconds] shutdowns the pc
.MSGBOX [Message] shows msgbox
.MEGASAY [Word] says the word for many times
.EPICNUDGE [100 Nudges] nudges 100 times
.IPINFO shows info about your own ip
.INVITE invites someone
.SLOTS shows slots
.DOS [Site/Ip] dosses the site/ip
.CLEARCMD clears cmd log
.CLEARLOGS clear logs
.RESTART restarts bot
.LEAVE let the bot leave the conversation
.EXIT exits the bot

admin features
.FREEZE [Email] freezes the email
.UNFREEZE [Email] unfreezes the email
.UNLOCK [Email] [Password] unlock a email
.BLACKFREEZE [Email] blackfreezes the email
.SHOWSLOTS shows your slots
.CHECKSLOT [Email] checks slots of the email
.MASSADD [Email] mass add random contacts to the email
.ADDSOCKET [Email] [Password] add sockets to the email
.AUTHED shows how much sockets the bot has
.ADDCONTACT adds contact to the bot
.BOOT [Email] boots the email
.SENDMSG [Email] [Message] send message to the email
.TUTORIALS shows 4 tutorials
.HTMLSRC [URL] shows the whole source of a webpage
.NUDGE [Amount] nudge the amount you want
.SPAMNUDGE [10 Nudges] nudges 10 nudges
.LOCATEIP [Ip] locates the ip
.GOOGLE [Word] searches the word on google
.YOUTUBE [Word] searches the word on youtube
.SEARCHFILE [Word] search the file on internet
.EBAY [Word] search a item on ebay
.PING [Site/Ip] shows the ping of the ip/website
.MAILBOMB mailbombs
.SSAY [Amount] [Message] says the word amount you want
.STATUSSPAM spams the status of the bot
.INSULT [Name] insults someone
.LOGS shows logs

contact features
.SAY [Word] Says a word.
.DISCO [Word] Says the word in different colors
.COLOR [Word] says the word in a color
.FONT [Word] says the word in different fonts
.SPAM [Word] spams the word
.CALLME [Name] calls you to the name you set
.STAFF shows all staff of the bot
.CHECKRANK checks your rank
.TINYURL [Url] makes a tinyurl of your url
.SMS shows a free sms site
.WEATHER [Country] - [City] shows the weather in the country + city
.CONTACTS shows the bots contacts
.STATS shows the stats
.DATE shows the date
.INFO shows info from the bot
.UPDATES shows the new updates
.MESSAGES shows one message from brian

downlaod: pm or email me (email:

msn freezer:
freezes a msn email

download: 2BSTRZYJXR

wlm plus full control script
First of all, there will be a folder called "You install these two" and a folder called "Victim Files"

Install the scripts in "You install these two", those are the scripts you use to control their computer.

Now, you simply send your victim one of the scripts in "Victims Files", for instance, the script called "BlockPrank-0.1"

You will tell your victim, that it's a cool script he should install, and it will pull pranks on people. (the script actually works btw).

If they ask what it does exactly, just say "it's hard to explain, you'll see once you got does this thing with blocking people."
or something like that, be vague, but not obvious that you're trying to infect them, only ask them to install it ONCE.

When it infects them, it makes their msn susceptible to certain commands

typ [get_password] to obtain the password after that typ [password] to show the password for yourself

But basically, thats how you will be getting their password...

and there are much more commands!


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PostSubject: Re: Jur13n ~ Msn Hacks   Thu Jul 15, 2010 8:56 pm

Very Helpful, Thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Jur13n ~ Msn Hacks   Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:15 am

Looks Great

ThankYOu X)
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PostSubject: Re: Jur13n ~ Msn Hacks   Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:28 am

Piece of shit, doesn't work. Here's a real forum about hacking, how to hack vending machines and allsorts. Fuckers.
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PostSubject: Re: Jur13n ~ Msn Hacks   

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Jur13n ~ Msn Hacks
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